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+ painted blue house with nice small front yard

Curb Appeal Tips

Improving your home’s curb appeal can be as complicated or simple as you make it. There are so many small things you can do to make your home exterior stand out. Improving curb appeal doesn’t have to involve redoing your entire landscape design. Go big or start small with these home care tips. Top Curb Appeal Tips Paint or replace your front door Change … Read More Curb Appeal Tips

+ baby's nursery with crib and mountains painted on wall

Painting Your Baby’s Nursery

Just because they arrive in this world fairly blind doesn’t mean your newest family member doesn’t want a beautiful room. Painting your baby’s nursery is an exciting step toward welcoming them into your arms! The room can grow with your child. Your two month old baby will prefer different colors than your six year old will. That’s the beauty of repainting the walls! Wall … Read More Painting Your Baby’s Nursery

+ woman laying on bed with pillow covering her head

If You Want a Good Night’s Sleep, Choose Your Paint Color Wisely

So much more affects our sleep than we may realize. From furniture arrangements to bedroom cleanliness to whether you have a TV in your bedroom, Sleep Junkie covers many contributing factors to getting the best possible rest in their article called Bedroom Setup & Sleep. Of course the part we find most interesting is about their survey regarding the wall colors of people who … Read More If You Want a Good Night’s Sleep, Choose Your Paint Color Wisely