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The Most Popular Paint Colors from 5 Top Paint Brands

The Most Popular Paint Colors from 5 Top Paint Brands

With all of the paint colors out there and the constant feed of interior design inspiration pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, it can be hard to know what colors to choose for your home or office.  Not to mention spend the amount of time it can take to go through all of the choices.  Look no further, we found a great article from Southern Living that has done the research for us on the  most popular paint colors from five major paint brands.  Check out the article below.

Splashy Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154)

Rich, saturated, and nautical (but not too much so), Hale Navy is a classic that serves as both a dose of drama and a versatile neutral. This blue expertly balances everything a space can be in one striking color.

Pictured above: Island in Hale Navy.

Kitchen Source Guide

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Perfect for open floor plans because of how well it plays with other colors despite not being white, Revere Pewter is a mix of gray and beige with a defined warmth that creates a polished earthiness.

Pictured above: Revere Pewter cabinetry and wall paint.

Turnball Park House Plan Front Porch

Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

Our first (and favorite!) white of the bunch, this soft shade perfectly balances warmth with brightness, creating a dynamic white. Use White Dove to elevate molding, trim, large spaces, and pretty much everywhere else too.

Pictured above: Siding in White Dove.

Cottage house

Behr Swiss Coffee (12)

An off-white with hints of ivory, Swiss Coffee warms up whatever space you put it in while still allowing the rest of the room to pop. This creamy shade is best complemented by other warm earth tones.

Pictured above: Trim in Swiss Coffee and exterior in Benjamin Moore Cliffside Gray.


Behr Burnished Clay (PPU18-19)

Warm up with this combination of beige and gray, featuring slight cool undertones. Burnished Clay appears differently depending on the time of day or light source, making it extra versatile.


Behr Ultra Pure White (1850)

Never has there been a more accurate name for a paint color than Ultra Pure White. It’s the whitest white of them all: crisp, clean, and highly reflective.

Pictured above: Walls in Ultra Pure White.


Sherwin-Williams Aleutian (SW 6241)

Muted but not muddy, Aleutian is a pale blue-gray that instantly calms down a room. Reminiscent of a stormy sky yet creamier, this color feels neutral and natural while still bringing dynamic pigmentation.

Pictured above: Doors in Aleutian.


2019 Idea House Living Room

Sherwin-Williams Pure White (SW 7005)

A rental favorite for a reason, Pure White is exactly what it claims to be: white that’s not too warm or too cool—it’s just right. This versatile hue is fairly low-risk, making it a good option if you need to pick a paint before getting a chance to test it.

Pictured above: Pure White (SW 7005) ceiling and Light Buff (SW 0050) walls.


Lake House Living Room

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray (SW 7029)

This color is often considered the perfect “greige”—combination of gray and beige. Free from any significant undertones, Agreeable Gray is another rental favorite for its easy versatility.

Pictured above: Agreeable Gray walls.


Clare Paint Current Mood

This rich and dynamic paint never stays the same color for long (as the name suggests), which is exactly what makes it so popular. Current Mood brings the drama, shifting from a dark teal-gray during the brightest part of the day to an intense, moody green when the sun goes down.

Pictured above: Cabinets in Current Mood.


Clare Paint Whipped

Clean, cozy, and creamy are just a few of the words used to describe this warm white. Recommended to solve the lack of natural light in north-facing rooms, Whipped brightens without overwhelming.

Pictured above: Whipped on walls and cabinets.


Clare Paint Headspace

A match for serene, natural sea glass, Headspace is soft and airy. Able to pass as a neutral, this hue brings just enough color to add visual interest without being oversaturated.

Pictured above: Walls in Headspace.


Farrow & Ball Wimborne White (No.239)

This color is only a whisper away from pure white, achieved by adding a touch of warm yellow to the mix. Wimborne White’s timelessness and sophistication is magnified when combined with Farrow & Ball’s signature velvety finish.

Pictured above: Walls in Wimborne White.


Farrow & Ball Hague Blue (No.30)

The slight green undertone of this rich shade sets it apart from others, elevating its drama into full-on glamour. Paint Hague Blue in rooms without much natural light, smaller spaces, and outdoors.

Pictured above: Door in Hague Blue.

By Quincy Bulin


Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties.  We consider ourselves a customer service professionals with an expert knowledge in the painting industry.  We strive to provide a supportive place for people to work and thrive which we believe is the foundation to taking pride in the work we do for our clients.  

Visit our about page to learn more about us, read our Google reviews to see why clients love us, or click here to schedule a free estimate.  And thank you for checking out our Blog today!




Wall Colors Through the Decades

1940s: Red

1950s: Turquoise (or Mint)

1960s: Vibrant Green

1970s: Mossy Green

1980s: Mauve

1990s: Purple

2000s: Pale Blue

2010s: Gray

If you could choose a decade to go back in time to, which would it be?

+ post with a multitude of traffic lights on it

The Purpose of Color

From the hues of our traffic lights to the shade of poisonous frogs, color has a significant purpose in life. Some colors are given meaning by people, for example “green means go.” Some colors seem to have inherent meanings, such as the bright skin of a poisonous frog. Other animals have the instincts to understand that means “do not eat.”

What I take away from all this is that, in theory, living beings give color its purpose both consciously and subconsciously. The colors we see in the world around us have two meanings: the definitions assigned by other human beings, and the definitions assigned by nature over many generations. This means that, at its core, the purpose of color, for living beings, is communication.

The Odyssey Online

This is one reason color can impact our moods so strongly. We’ve given meaning to various colors.

Some interpretations are personal.
Your grandmother might have dressed in yellow for every Sunday church service. Your mom might have made blue icing for every one of your birthday cakes. Your best friend might have given you a purple pencil in first grade that you used every day til it disappeared.

Some interpretations are psychological or societal.
Orange and yellow often signify warning. Blue can have a calming effect. Beige may bore you.

As The Odyssey Online so accurately put it, the purpose of color for living beings is communication.

Think in these terms as you decide what colors to use in your paint choices and home decor. What purpose are you giving the colors you choose? What do you home to communicate when a guests walks into your home?


What Colors Boost Happiness?

All this rain got us thinking about which colors boost happiness. When the weather changes, the colors of our world change and it’s easy to see that different tones create different environments. The gloom of rain relates to grey, deep blue, and dark green. In contrast, a bright spring day makes us think of the light green of fresh leaves, happy pinks and purples of new blooms, and of course sunny yellow shining on it all.

What colors are the most influential on our level of happiness?


Yellow exudes energy, enhances creativity, and encourages a positive outlook


Pink is related to romance, it’s light and airy, and it represents new life.


While red can be negatively jarring in some circumstances, this source of alertness can wake us up to positive possibilities.


Orange, like red, can symbolize warning. It’s also energizing, which can lead to feelings of inspiration and well-being.

From the color we paint our walls to the colors we wear each day, what we surround ourselves with influences our emotions even without our awareness. When you’re choosing your home decor or your outfit, pay attention to how certain tones make you feel. Choose colors that boost happiness and positive energy.

In the end, color psychology matters, but you’ve also got to weigh your personal preference. Even if yellow is the happiest color on earth, if you hate it, it won’t make you happy.


Why Paint Quality Matters

Choosing how to paint your home is more than just picking some colors, the quality of paint matters immensely. At Procoat, we only use high quality paint so that our clients will have long-lasting results. Not only does high quality paint have a longer lifespan, it also just looks better. Increased amounts of binders and pigments means that your colors will look sharper and fuller from the beginning.

“The four main components of a paint include binders, pigments, liquids, and additives. High quality paints will contain an increased amount of solid materials, such as binders and pigments.”

Colour Life Painting
areal view of open multi sized paint cans with two paint brushes on top of two cans

The colors you choose matter, as studied in color psychology. Certain colors make people feel certain ways. To a similar effect, watching your paint fade faster than it should has a negative impact on the energy in your home. Feelings of frustration or anxiety when thinking about having to redo your semi-newly painted house are not pleasant.

At Procoat, we use Superpaint by Sherwin Williams, which generally lasts between 5 and 7 years. Our goal is not to repaint your house every two years! We aim to build long-lasting relationships in the community centered around trust, integrity, and professionalism.

Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties. We focus on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. So, visit our about page to learn more about us, read our Google reviews to see why clients love us, or click here to schedule a free estimate!


The Wonderful World of Yellow

Yellow illuminates, enlightens, and expands creativity. It’s definitely not shy.

In your paint choices and decor, yellow brings a fun pop of color to a room, but it can be overstimulating if used too frequently.

According to Very Well Mind, yellow is:




When thinking of adding yellow to your home, think of complimentary colors such as deep green, light purple, and black. Also think of where a bright, energetic color will work best in your home. For most people, using it as an accent will give a great result. For example, you might tire of bright yellow cabinets all over your kitchen, but painting the island cabinets in a light yellow color could add just the right amount of color.

+ dog resting head in owner's lap

17 Things That Turn a House into a Home

It’s not your paint colors, throw pillows, or even your favorite kitchen gadget. So what does transform a house into a home?

1. The dirt tracked in when the kids come back from building forts with the neighbors

2. The smell of your grandma’s secret recipe bubbling on the stove

3. Watching your child’s face light up while unwrapping that shiny new toy on their birthday

4. That long hug in the hallway when you’ve just received bad news

5. A (half-empty) bottle of cheap wine shared with your partner after a long week

6. Struggling over homework at the kitchen table with your kid who got smarter than you overnight

7. The sound of your grandkids squealing (way too loudly) as they run through your front door

8. Hearing your teenager sneaking in (way too loudly) after curfew

9. The holiday traditions passed down from your great-great grandparents

10. The parties you hosted that might or might not have gotten a little out of hand

11. Your dog’s head resting on your lap while reading on the couch

dog resting head in owner's lap while they are reading a tablet
Photo from Dogtime

12. Roasting marshmallows over the fire pit in the back yard just as the weather is starting to change

13. The to-do lists that keep your household afloat

14. The giggles while snuggled up watching a funny movie with your favorite people

15. The smell of coffee on a quiet Saturday morning

Photo from Airows

16. Overdue visits from out-of-town friends

17. Watching the rain from your back porch

What else would you add to the list?

You can make your house look as pretty as you’d like, but the memories (sometimes even the difficult ones) are what make it a home. What you’ll remember when looking back on your life is not the color of your walls. You’ll remember the people, the laughter, and the love that filled the space you shared.


How to Choose Exterior Paint Color

You’ll want to pay attention to the style of your home, your neighborhood norms, and of course HOA requirements, but the color of your home can express your style just as much as the interior!

Painting your whole exterior takes a lot of thought, time, and energy, so make sure you love the colors you choose. Generally you’ll pick different shades for siding, trim, and accents at the very least. This article from Trulia is a really great guide if you’re not sure where to start!

Some popular choices pictured above, according to Family Handy Man are a classic white, cool green, and an updated yellow. These colors are modern, yet timeless. Choosing a paint color for your home’s exterior is a way to express yourself – don’t pass up that opportunity.

Call Procoat to Re-imagine Your Home’s Exterior Color

Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties. We focus on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. So, visit our about page to learn more about us, read our Google reviews to see why clients love us, or click here to schedule a free estimate!


Five Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

Some of you don’t want to admit it, and the temperatures definitely don’t agree, but Summer will end in less than a month.

Maybe you’re newlyweds sharing your first home together, you recently graduated and have your own space for the first time, all your decorations are crafts made by your kids ten years ago, or maybe you’re just ready for a change. Whatever the reason is, you’re in the right place for some tips on how to prepare your home for fall!

Getting Ready for Fall

1. Plant a Autumn Garden

There are so many beautiful flowers that thrive in this time of year. Enhance your curb appeal with some pops of color. Dirt under your fingernails is good for you, too.

2. Update Your Front Door Decorations

From Pinterest to Etsy, there are so many creative fall door wreaths and decorations out there. Find one that fits your style or even pull out the hot glue gun for a fun DIY project.

Photo from Digs

3. Paint Before the Weather Turns

If your home’s exterior is starting to fade, chip, or mold, don’t wait til it gets too cold to paint. Warmer weather equals quicker dry times and happier painters.

Photo from Timelifestyle

4. Deep Clean Your House

Fall cleaning makes just as much sense as spring cleaning. It’s a time of transition for many people with school starting, extracurricular activities changing, and switching out your warm-weather clothes for cozier options. You might as well put some elbow grease into that well-loved stove top.

Photo from Home Maid Better

5. Change Your Indoor Decor

Break out those pumpkin spice candles, cornucopias, and cinnamon brooms (or whatever makes you happy). Get in the spirit of changing weather, upcoming holidays, and warm drinks by the firepit.

The changing of seasons is bittersweet for many. Preparing your home for fall can be a fun way to spend time with your family and make your house feel like a home!


Why Minimalism?

The days of inheriting your great-grandmother’s 79-piece fine china set are over. Most people want sleek lines, simple colors, and as little clutter as possible these days. So why do people choose minimalism? Minimalism can affect every part of your life from
how you shop, what food you eat, and how you decorate your home.

Photo from Lifehack

Minimalism Can Be Economical

It’s simply less expensive when you choose not to purchase a knick knack for every shelf in the house. Further, home decor is just getting more pricey than many people can afford, especially in the millennial generation.

Minimalism Can Be Environmentally Friendly

When a lifestyle choice results in fewer purchases, your environmental usually footprint gets smaller. Minimalism also allows you to be choosy about what you put in your home, so you can buy from companies that value the same things you do.

Minimalism Can Have a Calming Effect

Generally, people feel more at peace in a clutter-free environment. The mostly empty surfaces, calming colors, and clean lines help people feel calmer and more relaxed. The color of your walls can make a big difference in how a room makes you feel.

Minimalism is a Change of Lifestyle

To most people practicing minimalism, it’s exactly that: a practice. It’s not just a matter of purging and keeping the house clean. It’s a way of life to choose to buy only what you truly need and to reject a consumerist lifestyle.

It’s intriguing to explore different lifestyles and design trends. There are lessons to be learned from all of them! Minimalism is not for everyone, but for those who find the aesthetic and lifestyle pleasing, it’s great.


Not Your Average Painting Company

The home service industry does not have the shiniest reputation. Ask any homeowner; they all have at least one horror story about a handyman ripping them off, doing shoddy work, not showing up, or all of the above.

How is Procoat Painting Different Than Other Contractors?

Our aim at Procoat Painting is to flip those stories on their heads. We don’t just paint houses. Rather, we give our clients the experience they wish they had in their past home renovation endeavors. We strive for integrity in every step of our process. We’re easy to work with, we always do what we say, and we hold ourselves to a high level of detail and professionalism.

Communication is key, which is why we keep our clients in the loop leading up to the start of their project as well as throughout. We are here to answer questions and address concerns. Transparency and honesty are our top priorities when it comes to completing any painting project, so clients will never be surprised by the final invoice or the quality of the workmanship.

We warranty our work so that if any issues arise once the project is complete, our clients will rest assured that we will take care of it. Further, we use high quality materials and trusted procedures so that we receive very few warranty calls from past clients. We are fully insured, so there is no need for concern on our client’s end in the event of an accident on a job site.

Protect yourself and your home by choosing a home service company who has your best interest at top of mind.

See What Our Past Clients Have Said:

Procoat was such a pleasure to work with! I would definitely use them again!
We hired Procoat to pressure wash our 100 year old home and paint our deck. The crew went above and beyond the call of duty and our home looked like new when they were done.

It was very obvious that the Procoat crew genuinely wanted to do a good job and they delivered a great final product. They were very responsive to our inquiries and follow up conversations, and were extremely professional throughout the process.

I’d highly recommend them!

Cameron G

We recently had most of the interior of our home repainted. I received three estimates. While Procoat was not the lowest estimate, they came in very close and promised to do several things that the lowest company did not. I was given a “color consultant” to help me decide what color would look best in my home which I really needed. Additionally, throughout the whole process I had the same person, Chris, stay in touch with me. He checked in every day to make sure there were no problems and that I was satisfied with what was happening. When the job was complete, he came to check it out himself. A couple of days after they were finished I found a very small area around an upstairs door that had been missed and called Chris. He came out himself and touched that up for me.
I can’t recommend this company enough! You can’t go wrong with Procoat! I will be calling them when it is time for the exterior of our home to be painted.

Chris W.

My experience with Procoat painting was excellent. They communicated frequently and were great. The production manager Chris was very knowledgeable and quickly answered my questions and kept me up-to-date. Khal the sales guy was also excellent. The exterior pain job They did was also fantastic.
They have my business from now on.

Chet J.

Entirely professional and courteous; excellent follow-up; I think one can feel 100% confident employing PROCOAT’s services.

Richard L.

Professional, expedient, and honest. Did what they said they’d do. Highly recommend.

Jan K.

We Are a Painting Company Who Puts YOU First

Procoat takes the time to listen to all of your concerns, desires, and questions before diving into your project. Our estimator makes sure you understand the entire scope of work, our color consultants help you decide which shade is exactly right for the job, and our production manager makes sure our crews understand what you want.

Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties. We focus on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. So, visit our about page to learn more about us, read our Google reviews to see why clients love us, or click here to schedule a free estimate!