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The Most Popular Paint Colors from 5 Top Paint Brands With all of the paint colors out there and the constant feed of interior design inspiration pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, it can be hard to know what colors to choose for your home or office.  Not to mention spend the amount of time it can take to go through all of the choices.  … Read More Elementor #5049


Wall Colors Through the Decades

Did your childhood home sport any of the most popular colors of that decade? According to Apartment Therapy, the colors below are the top wall color picks for each decade. In most homes today, the paint colors are mostly neutral – white, beige, gray, tan. While not all past trends should come back, it’d be fun to see some more bold colors on people’s … Read More Wall Colors Through the Decades

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The Purpose of Color

From the hues of our traffic lights to the shade of poisonous frogs, color has a significant purpose in life.


What Colors Boost Happiness?

Whether it’s what you wear or how you decorate your home, the colors you choose matter. Find out which ones boost happiness.


Why Paint Quality Matters

Choosing how to paint your home is more than just picking some colors, the quality of paint matters immensely. At Procoat, we only use high quality paint so that our clients will have long-lasting results. Not only does high quality paint have a longer lifespan, it also just looks better. Increased amounts of binders and pigments means that your colors will look sharper and … Read More Why Paint Quality Matters


The Wonderful World of Yellow

Yellow illuminates, enlightens, and expands creativity. How can you use it to bring a little bit of happiness to your home?

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17 Things That Turn a House into a Home

What you’ll remember when looking back on your life is not the color of your walls. You’ll remember the people, the laughter, and the love that filled the space you shared.


How to Choose Exterior Paint Color

Painting your whole exterior takes a lot of thought, time, and energy, so make sure you love the colors you choose.


Five Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

The changing of seasons is bittersweet for many. Preparing your home for fall can be a fun way to spend time with your family and make your house feel like a home!


Why Minimalism?

The days of inheriting your great-grandmother’s 79-piece fine china set are over


Not Your Average Painting Company

The home service industry does not have the shiniest reputation. Ask any homeowner; they all have at least one horror story about a handyman ripping them off, doing shoddy work, not showing up, or all of the above.

What is Your Interior Design Style

Click on each picture to learn more about all of these different design styles and figure out what you like best.