The Most Popular Paint Colors from 5 Top Paint Brands

With all of the paint colors out there and the constant feed of interior design inspiration pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, it can be hard to know what colors to choose for your home or office.  Not to mention spend the amount of time it can take to go through all of the choices.  Look no further, we found a great article from Southern Living that has done the research for us on the  most popular paint colors from five major paint brands.  Check out the article below.

Splashy Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154)

Rich, saturated, and nautical (but not too much so), Hale Navy is a classic that serves as both a dose of drama and a versatile neutral. This blue expertly balances everything a space can be in one striking color.

Pictured above: Island in Hale Navy.

Kitchen Source Guide

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Perfect for open floor plans because of how well it plays with other colors despite not being white, Revere Pewter is a mix of gray and beige with a defined warmth that creates a polished earthiness.

Pictured above: Revere Pewter cabinetry and wall paint.

Turnball Park House Plan Front Porch

Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

Our first (and favorite!) white of the bunch, this soft shade perfectly balances warmth with brightness, creating a dynamic white. Use White Dove to elevate molding, trim, large spaces, and pretty much everywhere else too.

Pictured above: Siding in White Dove.

Cottage house

Behr Swiss Coffee (12)

An off-white with hints of ivory, Swiss Coffee warms up whatever space you put it in while still allowing the rest of the room to pop. This creamy shade is best complemented by other warm earth tones.

Pictured above: Trim in Swiss Coffee and exterior in Benjamin Moore Cliffside Gray.


Behr Burnished Clay (PPU18-19)

Warm up with this combination of beige and gray, featuring slight cool undertones. Burnished Clay appears differently depending on the time of day or light source, making it extra versatile.


Behr Ultra Pure White (1850)

Never has there been a more accurate name for a paint color than Ultra Pure White. It’s the whitest white of them all: crisp, clean, and highly reflective.

Pictured above: Walls in Ultra Pure White.


Sherwin-Williams Aleutian (SW 6241)

Muted but not muddy, Aleutian is a pale blue-gray that instantly calms down a room. Reminiscent of a stormy sky yet creamier, this color feels neutral and natural while still bringing dynamic pigmentation.

Pictured above: Doors in Aleutian.


2019 Idea House Living Room

Sherwin-Williams Pure White (SW 7005)

A rental favorite for a reason, Pure White is exactly what it claims to be: white that’s not too warm or too cool—it’s just right. This versatile hue is fairly low-risk, making it a good option if you need to pick a paint before getting a chance to test it.

Pictured above: Pure White (SW 7005) ceiling and Light Buff (SW 0050) walls.


Lake House Living Room

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray (SW 7029)

This color is often considered the perfect “greige”—combination of gray and beige. Free from any significant undertones, Agreeable Gray is another rental favorite for its easy versatility.

Pictured above: Agreeable Gray walls.


Clare Paint Current Mood

This rich and dynamic paint never stays the same color for long (as the name suggests), which is exactly what makes it so popular. Current Mood brings the drama, shifting from a dark teal-gray during the brightest part of the day to an intense, moody green when the sun goes down.

Pictured above: Cabinets in Current Mood.


Clare Paint Whipped

Clean, cozy, and creamy are just a few of the words used to describe this warm white. Recommended to solve the lack of natural light in north-facing rooms, Whipped brightens without overwhelming.

Pictured above: Whipped on walls and cabinets.


Clare Paint Headspace

A match for serene, natural sea glass, Headspace is soft and airy. Able to pass as a neutral, this hue brings just enough color to add visual interest without being oversaturated.

Pictured above: Walls in Headspace.


Farrow & Ball Wimborne White (No.239)

This color is only a whisper away from pure white, achieved by adding a touch of warm yellow to the mix. Wimborne White’s timelessness and sophistication is magnified when combined with Farrow & Ball’s signature velvety finish.

Pictured above: Walls in Wimborne White.


Farrow & Ball Hague Blue (No.30)

The slight green undertone of this rich shade sets it apart from others, elevating its drama into full-on glamour. Paint Hague Blue in rooms without much natural light, smaller spaces, and outdoors.

Pictured above: Door in Hague Blue.

By Quincy Bulin


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