All this rain got us thinking about which colors boost happiness. When the weather changes, the colors of our world change and it’s easy to see that different tones create different environments. The gloom of rain relates to grey, deep blue, and dark green. In contrast, a bright spring day makes us think of the light green of fresh leaves, happy pinks and purples of new blooms, and of course sunny yellow shining on it all.

What colors are the most influential on our level of happiness?


Yellow exudes energy, enhances creativity, and encourages a positive outlook


Pink is related to romance, it’s light and airy, and it represents new life.


While red can be negatively jarring in some circumstances, this source of alertness can wake us up to positive possibilities.


Orange, like red, can symbolize warning. It’s also energizing, which can lead to feelings of inspiration and well-being.

From the color we paint our walls to the colors we wear each day, what we surround ourselves with influences our emotions even without our awareness. When you’re choosing your home decor or your outfit, pay attention to how certain tones make you feel. Choose colors that boost happiness and positive energy.

In the end, color psychology matters, but you’ve also got to weigh your personal preference. Even if yellow is the happiest color on earth, if you hate it, it won’t make you happy.

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