Just because they arrive in this world fairly blind doesn’t mean your newest family member doesn’t want a beautiful room. Painting your baby’s nursery is an exciting step toward welcoming them into your arms!

baby nursery with mountain painted on the wall
Photo from Essential Baby

The room can grow with your child. Your two month old baby will prefer different colors than your six year old will. That’s the beauty of repainting the walls! Wall color is such a flexible decorative aspect of your home.


do best with muted monochrome color schemes to avoid over-stimulation, especially before their eyesight is fully developed. This can help keep them calm during those late night feeding sessions.

By about three months

babies are able to see color, so it’s a good idea to add a little variety to the landscape of their room, while maintaining a mostly calm atmosphere. Sharp contrasts catch their eye, which is why you’ll notice crib mobiles and baby toys often have black and white patterns.

Around six months

you can add even more color to their space with artwork, a rug, or toys. At this point, they’re starting to roll around and maybe even crawl. Their room will be a safe, happy place that they can begin to explore.

At a year

babies (or soon-to-be toddlers) love to see a variety of colors, textures, and patterns in their space. It keeps their attention and stimulates their development.

When they grow much older than that

you can paint their room based on their preferences, which is a fun stage of development. Opinions on paint color are likely more welcome than their opinions at the dinner table with a plate of meatloaf in front of them.

Things to consider other than age

are the type of paint you use, the sheen of paint, and low/no VOC paint. Can you think of any other aspects to consider before plunging into a nursery painting project?

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