“Lighting is an essential component to a successful design scheme yet is so much more important in wintertime, when the days are shorter and we spend far more time indoors than usual.”

Image credit: Graham & Green

Better Homes and Gardens said it well!
Read on for home lighting tips to enhance your home’s design!

Home Lighting Tip 1: Respect your color palette.

Choose bulbs that won’t distort your color palette.
Without light there’s no color. Depending on what type
of lighting there is, we see colors differently.
You can choose paint and design colors that are
beautiful in the store, but look totally different when
you walk into your house. Depending on the warmth
level of your bulbs, colors will seem to shift.

Home Lighting Tip 2. Light fixture as a focal point.

It could be a beautiful chandelier over your
dining room table or a large floor lamp that draws you in.
Choose something that fits your style that
will bring the room together

Home Lighting Tip 3: Lamps are your friend.

From floor lamps to end table lamps, they can add texture,
color, and (obviously) light to a parts of your space that
need a little spice. Adding variety to your home lighting
does not necessarily mean you need to hire an electrician to
switch out your light fixtures. Lamps are a more affordable
way to enhance your interior style.

Home Lighting Tip 4: Get funky.

There are so many creative light fixtures out there these days
that you can really go wild if you want to. Home
lighting doesn’t have to be boring.
Take a risk, choose something your grandma wouldn’t.

Home Lighting Tip 5: Don’t forget your exterior.

We don’t suggest that you leave your holiday lights
up all year. What you can, though, do is exchange
your outdated exterior lights for ones that express your
style. Spotlights shining on your facade or front yard trees
give an element of beauty you can’t find in the daylight.
Lining the driveway and sidewalks with lights is not only
useful, but also adds to your curb appeal.

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