Whatever your design dilemma is, there are always solutions

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you love your floor plan, there are probably things in your house that you wish were different. Maybe you used to love the way your house looked, but have grown tired of it or it’s a little outdated.

If you have a room that’s as small as a pocket, as narrow as a tube or far too large, read on for some tricks that can hide, divide or merely alter the focus in the room.


Design Dilemma: Room is Too Small

If you have a room where it feels like the walls are closing in like the trash compactor in Star Wars Episode IV, this one’s for you. They really wouldn’t have felt so trapped if they just added some stripes to the walls, created an interesting focal point, or used mirrors. Honestly they were really overreacting about feeling crowded.

Photo from Star Wars

Han: I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.
Leia: The walls are moving!

Design Dilemma: No Backyard Privacy

The signal fire burns, a spectacular cloudy sunset lights up the sky…

Chuck: Chips? Dip?
But Wilson declines

Photo from Screen Rant

If the view from your kitchen window looks like a used car lot or you’re just tired of seeing your neighbors tanning on their back deck, let nature help you out.
Grow a privacy barrier and turn your backyard into a secluded oasis for those late night fire pit parties, just like the one Tom Hanks vacationed to in Cast Away.

If you don’t have twelve kids, but your living room still looks like the one from Cheaper by the Dozen, it’s probably time to make some changes. Maybe some purging is in order. Maybe you just need to clear your horizontal surfaces and decrease the number of mismatching throw pillows you own. It’s also a great idea to create a spot for each item to go (and put them in their places every time!). New habits are hard to build, but once you de-clutter to a good baseline, it’s not as hard to keep up with.

Design Dilemma: Too Much Clutter

Photo from Hooked on Houses

I guess you could say that when Tom and l left Midland… we had a mess of theories about how to raise children. We still have a mess of children, but no theories.

Design Dilemma: Outdated Decor

If your living room looks like it took style advice from Danny of Full House, you may want to make some simple changes. Even switching a few pieces of furniture for fresh, modern ones can make a big difference in how the room feels. Adding plants always brightens up a space that feels dusty. Bringing in some pops of color if you have a neutral color scheme right now is a fantastic way to bring life into your room.

Photo from House Beautiful

DJ: (calling from livingroom) Dad, we’re home.
DJ, Harry and Stephanie walk in to the kitchen
Michelle: Stop! Dirt bad.
DJ: Oh, no. Dad taught Michelle the Tanner family motto.
Danny: Deej, I’m working on a new Tanner family motto. Don’t make fun of Dad until you can afford your own apartment.

Procoat Solves one of the Easiest Design Dilemmas:
Wall Color

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