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before and after photo of redesigning a living room. Before photo has white couches and white walls and is outdated. After photo has pops of blue on the walls with more modern furniture: light grey couches and pretty armchairs.
Photo from Remodelaholic

In which living room above would you rather sip your morning coffee or snuggle up with a good book after a long day of work? I know my answer.

While there’s nothing exactly wrong with the before photo, the result after redesigning the room feels so much more homey, welcoming, and cozy. A put-together room says a lot about your style and what you value.

Why Redesign Your Home?

No matter how much thought you put into what your home looks like, it does affect how you and your guests feel. Redesigning your home to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible is a way to care for yourself and the people you love. Feeling proud of your space is an avenue to find confidence and joy.

Now of course, we want to avoid “showing off” for the sake of impressing people. What brings true joy is seeing your family and friends comfortably enjoying the home you created.

What if I Have No Time or Energy to Redesign my Home?

It may seem overwhelming to prioritize redesigning, repainting, or even moving furniture around. We all have different battles to face in life, whether that be parenting, heavy work loads, or stressful emotional situations. Breaking the project down into actionable steps is a great place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea!

Your home is an expression of YOU, just like your hairstyle and clothing. Sometimes, even when you’re not feeling like yourself, changing your environment helps you relearn how to feel at home in your body and your house.

It feels good to care for your space and make it your own. Redesigning your home, or even just one room, is a great way to bring new energy into your life. It’s so easy for our clutter, outdated paint colors, or mismatched furniture to bog us down. You may not even realize what an effect it has on you until you change it!

Sharing your exciting home design goals with your friends and family is a great way to involve them! Even if they don’t volunteer to help, some of them may feel honored to be asked to help. Then, on top of having a beautiful final result, you’ll have fond memories of completing a project together. Get the kids involved, too!

How Can Procoat Bring New Energy Into Your Home?

We take the time to listen to all of your concerns, desires, and questions before diving into your project. Our estimator makes sure you understand the entire scope of work, our color consultants help you decide which shade is exactly right for the job, and our production manager makes sure our crews understand what you want.

Redesigning your home often starts with a fresh coat of paint, and we’d be honored to help you achieve your vision!

At Procoat, we use detailed protocols for each aspect of our work. So, we can tell you precisely what to expect from our company. We value excellent customer service, keeping our staff happy, and using quality materials in our work.

Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties. We focus on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. So, visit our about page to learn more about us, read our Google reviews to see why clients love us, or click here to schedule a free estimate!

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