Whether you’re going neutral or hoping to spice up your bathroom, there are so many options when choosing your bathroom paint color.

Why Paint Your Bathroom Now?

In 2021, when so many of us have spent the past year and a half staring at our walls, it’s more exciting than ever to choose a new paint color for your bathroom! And why stop there? Might as well give your whole house a facelift while we’re at it. I’m sure you’ve noticed all the scuffs, fading, and clashing colors by now.

So Many Bathroom Paint Color Choices!

You can always stick with the classic: pure white. It brings a light and airy feel to the bathroom and gives it a timeless look.

Blue is a naturally popular choice for bathroom paint colors. It gives a refreshing, clean feel and obviously connects us to water.

Go bold with a bright red, or even just a pop of red on the vanity if the entire room feels too intense. The bathroom should be one of your happy places, and bright colors often bring joy.

If you have a small bathroom, black is surprisingly a great way to make it feel larger. It gives a regal, sophisticated feel.

Southern Living has some great recommendations as mentioned above plus more! In the end, it comes down to what you like best, so even if your bathroom paint color choice isn’t “trending,” all that matters is that you’re satisfied!

Let Procoat Transform Your Bathroom!

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