When painting your home, it’s easy to miss the details. We’ll go through some common painting mistakes to avoid and how to best handle each situation. The painters at Procoat use a very thorough approach to each painting project so that in the end our clients have a beautiful result.

woman removing painters tape. avoid painting mistakes by using painters tape

Mistake 1: Skipping Painting Prep

Prep work is a super common step in which people misstep. Avoid this painting mistake by removing outlet and switch plate covers, taping edges, and covering furniture. It may feel tedious, so it’s understandable that you’d want to skip some or all of the steps. It makes a huge difference in how the final product looks, though, so we always prep the space thoroughly.

Mistake 2: Using the Wrong Tape

Even though painter’s tape is more pricey than some other options, it’s truly the best choice for a painting project. Using the wrong kind of tape is a big painting mistake to avoid. Proper painter’s tape won’t deface the existing paint and it will give you the cleanest edges possible. Something we are proud of is that we use high quality materials on for all of our painting clients.

Mistake 3: Buying Too Little Paint

It’s not easy to estimate how much paint your project requires. Though home improvement store employees are able to give a rough estimate, it really takes practice to estimate a job properly. Thankfully with our expertise and experience, we have a system to accurately purchase the amount of paint necessary to fulfill our clients’ needs so we avoid this painting mistake.

Why Choose Procoat Painting?

At Procoat, we have detailed protocols for each aspect of our work, which means we can tell you exactly what to expect from our company. Three main tenets of our approach are excellent customer service, keeping our staff happy, and quality materials and techniques in our painting jobs. Through experience, we’ve learned how to avoid these painting mistakes and always hope to give our clients a final result that’s exactly how they picture it!

You can read more about these tips and beyond here on Lowe’s blog site. We are always learning and growing and hoping to inspire and educate!

Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties. Our focus is on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. Visit our about page to learn more about our company, read our reviews, and to schedule a Free Estimate!

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