There are so many things to consider when choosing a painting contractor, or anyone who will work on your house for that matter. Going into someone’s home to make changes is not something we take lightly. We will be in your personal space and disrupting your daily routine. Our goal at Procoat Painting is to make the ordeal as easy as it can be for our clients. Your comfort and satisfaction is our main priority!

What the Community Recommends

Word of mouth is a great way to choose a trustworthy painter near you. Ask your neighbors who they’ve loved and why (and who to avoid!). On the flip side, give good recommendations when you’ve had a good experience with a painting contractor! Small businesses like us thrive on recommendations and we love it when our clients are happy with our service.

Another great way to choose a painting contractor is to check out their reviews on Google, Yelp, Next Door, and other similar websites. Procoat Painting is proud to have plenty of five-star reviews, and we plan to get plenty more by continuing to offer the best customer service in town.

When choosing a painting contractor, it’s important to understand what they offer in each painting job, how attentive they are to your needs, their level of professionalism and expertise, and of course whether their price matches the value they provide.

Why Choose Procoat Painting?

At Procoat, we have detailed protocols for each aspect of our work, which means we can tell you exactly what to expect from our company. Three main tenets of our approach are excellent customer service, keeping our staff happy, and quality materials and techniques in our painting jobs. This article from Donovan’s Painting has some great ideas of questions to ask when choosing a painting contractor. We think you’ll be happy with all of our answers!

Procoat Painting offers professional painting services to both commercial and residential clients in Athens, Georgia and surrounding counties. Our focus is on our people, as we believe that building a strong culture is the key to providing consistent quality work to our clients. Visit our about page to learn more about our company, read our reviews, and to schedule a Free Estimate!

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