So much more affects our sleep than we may realize. From furniture arrangements to bedroom cleanliness to whether you have a TV in your bedroom, Sleep Junkie covers many contributing factors to getting the best possible rest in their article called Bedroom Setup & Sleep. Of course the part we find most interesting is about their survey regarding the wall colors of people who are getting the best rest. Southern Living breaks down the results here, where you can see that while beige is one of the most commonly used bedroom colors, it’s actually associated with the second-lowest rate of quality sleep, with green being the only one with worse reviews.

It’s unfortunate that one of the most versatile paint colors is not the smartest choice for your bedroom. So what colors do promote restful sleep? Respondents with purple bedrooms reported the best rates of good sleep, and blue bedrooms had the second-best reviews. This makes sense, as purple encourages feelings of wisdom, creativity, and inspiration. Blue gives calming, serene, stabilizing vibes. Both of these paint colors puts people in more positive, stress-free moods which is ideal when unwinding at night before sleep.

For many people, sleep is so difficult to come by. When 50-70 million American adults have a sleeping disorder, it makes sense to do everything you can to ensure that your environment isn’t working against you. Painting your walls is a fairly simple step in the right direction!

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