When approaching a color change in your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options. While some people can easily choose what works in their spaces, it’s often helpful to get an objective point of view from an expert in color. A color consultant is an asset to a painting job because they keep up with the latest design trends and have a keen awareness of how various colors work together (and which ones don’t). The Spruce gives some good insight about what a color consultant can do for you as you plan your next painting endeavor. At Procoat Painting, we offer one hour of color consultation with one of our experts included in your project at no cost because we want the final result to be as amazing as you imagine it.

So how does a color consultant help you in this process? They can save you time by honing in on what color palette you’re hoping to see by making suggestions based on experience and training. They can save you money by cutting down on the number of paint samples you have to buy, because they already have a clear picture in their head of what will look best in your space. They can educate you about the latest decorating trends, which is especially important for keeping your resale value intact. They can help you with a final decision and pull all the aspects of your home together so that nothing looks disjointed. Their objectivity is likely the greatest value they bring. You look at your walls every single day and may overlook details that a trained third party would be able to point out. The end goal is always the same: we want you to love the new look of your home! Color consultation is one of the many ways we ensure that.

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